AWE Foods Ecosystem

The same way that no man is an island, no brand or entity can exist completely independent in and of itself. We are entirely dependent on all those who contribute to our existence and we contribute to those who are dependent on us for theirs! This is the Awe Ecosystem. We are driven by a purpose to strengthen every contributor within this ecosystem.

Our Producers

All our ingredients are locally sourced. And we ensure that we are sourcing them directly from the farmers. This process benefits us both!

• 100% of the profits go to the farmers directly.

• Farmers receive immediate cash and carry payments.

• They know what their produce is transforming into.

• We ensure fresh produce as it's coming directly from the source.

• The pricing is fair - a benefit for both parties.

Our Community

We hire local talent and nurture them to take their place within the AWE Foods team.

We aim to run special initiatives for the local community -

• A fully sponsored center for children with special needs.

• Financial support for the higher education of underprivileged children.

Our Planet

We practice sustainability in all ways possible. It is our duty to safeguard the environment and do our bit in building a sustainable future. We also ensure to partner with vendors who follow sustainable practices.

Handling Waste and By-Products

• Waste reduction by following the Small Batch Concept.
• Segregation practice.
• Waste is recycled in a sustainable manner

Minimizing Food Waste

• Effective sourcing.
• Consistent recipe planning.
• Lean store management practices.
• Production capacity in tune with sales.

Sustainable Packaging

• Recyclable, food-grade material.
• 100% Environment friendly.
• Regular checks to ensure the most sustainable materials are used.

Our Customers

Yes, you!

By being a part of the AWE Foods Ecosystem, you are directly and indirectly -
• Contributing towards a sustainable future
• Supporting the local community

All while eating food that’s good for your tummy and your taste buds.